• CURV 500® satellite mounting bracket
  • Fully adjustable on all axes
  • Tough black powder coat finish
  • Comes with safety rope
MAP: 29.99


    The LD Systems CURV 500® mounting bracket is designed to mate with the CURV 500 SmartLink adapter. It is made of powder coated die cast aluminium, is fully adjustable on all axes and can therefore be individually aligned. It includes a 20 cm steel safety rope to secure the CURV 500® satellites attached to the SmartLink adapter in accordance with BGV C1.


    Under the statutory provisions (BGV C1 § 7 "Protection against falling objects") speakers must additionally be secured for attachment to a wall bracket by means of a steel rope, for example.

    Product type - PA Loudspeakers Accessories
    Type - Speaker Wall Mount

    Material - Die-cast aluminum

    Surface - Powder coated

    Color - white

    Max. load - 10 kg

    Weight - 0,5 kg

    Additional information - adjustable on all axes , including safety wire (length 20cm)