• 4 channels with DSP control
  • Especially for CURV-500® installations
  • Flat 19 "construction with only 1 U
  • Operation of max. six CURV-500® satellites or one CURV500ISUB subwoofer per channel
  • Operation with only one push encoder
  • Easy to read OLED display
  • Low noise temperature controlled fan
  • Highly efficient switching power supply
  • Only 6.8 kg heavy
Retail: $1,299.99


    The iAMP® is a 19 "4-channel power amplifier designed specifically to install CURV-500® systems.The flat design with class-D topology features a high-efficiency switching power supply and a frequency response of 10 Hz-22 Each channel has parametric tone control and delay, delivering 240 watts RMS to 4 ohms with a harmonic distortion below 0.01%, and the DSP control also provides convenient presets for different satellite-subwoofer combinations.

    The iAMP® is easily and intuitively operated via a push encoder and the high-contrast, easy-to-read OLED display. It is equipped with a soft start and low noise temperature controlled fan and is protected against DC, overcurrent, overheat and short circuit. The balanced inputs are designed as XLR sockets and screw-type connectors. The iAMP® can control up to six CURV-500® satellites or a CURV500ISUB subwoofer per channel via speakON-compatible output jacks or screw-type connectors.